Farchioni. A big family of people like you.


Our products stem from the talent of the people working with us.
Gruppo Alimentare Farchioni is made up of numerous farming and food businesses and service companies. They operate in Umbria and also nationally and internationally, with hundreds of employees and total sales of over 120 million euros.


What’s been driving us since 1780 is more of a passion than an ordinary commitment to work. At Farchioni people are the most important resources for effectively handling challenges and ensuring future growth. Young people in particular are one of the keys to our success, which is why we invest so much in training and career path management, which ensure constant development for our talents.


In addition to on the job training, our people do periodical courses on quality, information & communication technology, production and sales of products such as extra virgin olive oil, flour and wine.

Work with Us

If you’re a young high school or university graduate in science, economics, or humanities, you’re invited to send your CV to us and you could be contacted.

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