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  • Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Barley Spirit

    by28,94 VAT Included700ml
    Craft beer spirit from Italian agricultural supply chain, is distilled with copper still composed of discontinuous cycle steam cauldrons. (Artisanal Method) The single bottle will come to you inside a custom tube.
  • Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Gin Hops

    Craft Beer Gin from Italian farm chain, is distilled in a copper still. Very dry with a distinct juniper aroma, drink it on the rock or with Italian citrus and tonic water.
  • Promo -17%
    Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Le Cotte Tasting Box

    29,98 VAT Included
    The box with Le Cotte's selection of beers. To discover Italian recipes with refined raw materials (spelt for Cotta 21, chickling for Cotta 37 and wheat for Cotta 50) and traditional Belgian (Cotta 68) and English (Cotta Ipa) recipes.
  • Promo -20%
    Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Monkey Social Beer Box

    42,10 VAT Included
    The special box of Monkey Style beers. To discover the best Italian raw materials (such as Sagrantino grape must and lentils) and the most unique ingredients (such as American hops)
  • Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Monkey Bucket with 6 Beers

    33,99 VAT Included
    The Monkey Style beer selection bucket. To discover the best Italian raw materials (such as barley malts and lentils) and the most unique ingredients (such as American hops).
  • Le Cotte 500mL pack of beers
    Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Mixed Cotte Pack

    24,68 VAT Included
    The box with a selection of 6 Le Cotte 500mL beers (2 Cotta 21 - 2 Cotta 37 - 2 Cotta 68). To savor the all-craft taste of the beers tagged Mastri Birrai Umbri.
  • Promo -10% Cotta 21 500mlbeer cotta 21 Mastri Birrai Umbri with focaccia
    Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Cotta 21

    by16,20 VAT Included300ml x 6
    Unfiltered Artisan Blonde Beer comes from the selection of superior malts and the best Italian spelt. The taste made delicate by the spelt and herbaceous by the hops is accompanied by a fruity, spicy aroma and a persistent, compact foam.
  • Promo -10% Red Beer Cotta 37 500mlbeer Cotta 37 Mastri Birrai Umbri 
    Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Cotta 37

    by16,20 VAT Included300ml x 6
    Unfiltered Red Craft Beer comes from sought-after raw materials such as chickweed and roasted malts, which give it its deep coppery color and naturally cloudy texture. The balanced taste is accompanied by a sweet and engaging aroma.
  • Craft pils beer cotta 40
    Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Cotta 40

    21,60 VAT Included
    Unfiltered, unpasteurized Artisan Pils Beer is brewed in Italy with the low-fermentation method following the traditional recipe of Bavarian Keller Pils. But its soul is all Italian, because the ingredients to make it are all sourced from Farchioni's own fields in Umbria or from certified Italian companies carefully selected by us.
  • Promo -10% white craft beer cotta 50special white beer with salmon canapés
    Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Cotta 50

    by16,18 VAT Included300ml x 6
    Unfiltered White Craft Beer is created from wheat malt and selected hops. The white, creamy and very persistent foam enhances the delicate taste of ripe fruit and spicy, crisp notes.
  • Promo -10% Craft Beer IPA 500ml x 6 bottlesMastri Birrai Umbri beer IPA with hamburger
    Mastri Birrai Umbri


    by17,80 VAT Included300ml x 6
    Unfiltered Craft Beer IPA was created from the traditional English recipe and is produced with the best light and amber malts, top-fermenting yeast and aromatic hops. The intense, fruity flavor of the hops is accompanied by a white, creamy and persistent foam.
  • Promo -10% Double Malt Beer Cotta 68 500mlMastri Birrai Umbri beer cotta 68 with charcuterie
    Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Cotta 68

    by17,82 VAT Included300ml x 6
    Unfiltered Double Malt Blonde Craft Beer is inspired by the Strong Ale tradition. The bitter, intense flavor of barley malt is accompanied by the fresh, fruity aroma of hops and a white, persistent foam.


Mastri Birrai Umbri is the guarantee to buy Craft Beers with the shortest supply chain in Europe: for the ingredients of the beers, over 1000 hectares cultivated in Umbria to produce spelt, barley, wheat, aromatic hops, chickling peas and lentils. Mastri Birrai Umbri: direct to your door, our selection of craft beers online. You'll find all the lines: Benedictine Method, Le Cotte, I Cavalieri, Selections. And the Monkey line, that cannot be found elsewhere.


Since 1780, the Farchioni family has selected raw materials and turned them into excellent products at a fair price. EVOO, Wine, Beer and Flour: the Farchioni products come from the heart of Umbria and are found all over the world. We control our supply chain and we value innovation, as well as environmental and social sustainability. Every day we try to enhance the value of good things.

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