Farchioni for your Business

Olive Oil, Wine, Beer, Flour:
our product for your needs


From the kitchen to the dining room, Farchioni’s special selection for restaurants.


Our proposals for the hotel industry will extend hospitality to the dining room

Neighborhood Stores

In your store the Farchioni brand will offer households a choice of quality products

Wine Bars

Quality craft beers and Umbrian wines for wine bars

Success stories

Entering the Farchioni world means becoming part of a family: all work together to obtain the best possible results and the greatest fulfilment. We are happy to share the stories that make us proud of our journey together.

Our Collaborators

Success never is a solo trip, and Farchioni is not just a family. It is a group of people with a passion and we would like to thank all the women and men who made Farchioni what it is today: a champion of excellence, sustainability and innovation.

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