Everyday people full of talent work with infinite passion to obtain products that get better and better. Our secret?
An attitude that never leaves things to chance, determination that knows no limits and innate love of our land.

Stefano Bartolucci

Connection with the land is what makes a flavour unforgettable.

Paolo Musci

The secret of perfect bread stems from a special flour.

Domenico Frascarelli

Genuine taste starts with attending to every detail.

Riccardo Cotarella

Good wine shouldn’t be just drunk. It should be savoured.

Michele Sensidoni

A perfect beer speaks about the land it comes from.

Andrea Violetti

Quality is only obtained from an impeccable production chain.

Men who discover the value of their work and do it for the good of others become an integral part of our family.

Thanks to hard work and respect for the land,
we harvest the best products that
nature offers us.