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Special Flours

Our mill has been milling since 1780. It’s a family tradition, part of our nearly two and a half century history.


Putting ideas
through the mill.

From this heritage we developed the Farchioni Flours, each one for a particular use: Classic Flour, obtained from selected Umbrian wheats and milled with the traditional method, Pizza Flour, affording long leavening with natural yeast, Flour for cakes, obtained exclusively from Manitoba grain, and Torta al Testo Flour, made with high prestige Umbrian wheats milled with the old method, ie. a long and slow process that doesn’t damage the gluten.

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Since 1780, the Farchioni family has selected raw materials and turned them into excellent products at a fair price. EVOO, Wine, Beer and Flour: the Farchioni products come from the heart of Umbria and are found all over the world. We control our supply chain and we value innovation, as well as environmental and social sustainability. Every day we try to enhance the value of good things.

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