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A Future with Deep Roots

The middle of Italy, in the most uncontaminated Umbria, is where we put down our roots over two centurie ago. This extraordinary territory welcomed us and we decided to live and grow here, respecting the values and generosity of a unique land. It’s in these old villages and marvellous hills that we conceived such a passion for what grows naturally around us.. We didn’t need much more: our genuine commitment and the talent of our people enabled us to discover gentle, universally appealing flavours and offer you unique pleasures you can share everyday.


We’re proud of our land, our values, our history. We’re driven by pride in our commitment, down through the generations, to transforming the products that generous nature offers us. Umbria is in the middle of Italy in more ways than one. It’s the centre of flavour, of good food and good drinking. Our family knows this and is committed to protecting and perpetuating the farming and food traditions that belong here. Great traditions. The oldest maybe.

QAS Certification

Farchioni, an Italian family company since 1780, has been engaged for years in a series of activities, in line with its ethical values and strategic guidelines, with the aim of offering its customers quality and tasty products, while at the same time respecting human health and the environment and remove from below.


Since 1780, the Farchioni family has selected raw materials and turned them into excellent products at a fair price. EVOO, Wine, Beer and Flour: the Farchioni products come from the heart of Umbria and are found all over the world. We control our supply chain and we value innovation, as well as environmental and social sustainability. Every day we try to enhance the value of good things.

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