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  • Promo -15% IlCasolare Intense Fruity 100% Italian

    IlCasolare Intense Fruity

    by45,45 VAT Included1L x 3
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made exclusively from Italian olives, harvested in the best production areas. Casolare Fruttato Intenso is prized for its fruity aroma and mechanical production method, without filtering. Its dark green color and intense taste make it ideal for those who love authentic flavors.
  • IlCasolare

    IlCasolare Rough - Natural

    by39,78 VAT Included1L x 3
    Il Casolare is a superior Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical processes. The taste is balanced and slightly fruity, enriches and enhances the characteristics of dishes, creating excellent harmonies.
  • IlCasolare

    IlCasolare Organic 100% Italian

    by36,60 VAT Included750ml x 3
    Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from ethically and environmentally certified organic Italian olives. Organic Olive Oil il Casolare is rich in polyphenols and other volatile substances that, in addition to building a natural defense of the oil, are responsible for characteristic aromas and flavors. The taste is balanced and slightly fruity.