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The origins of a dream

A dream is like a house: for it to be strong and robust it has to have solid foundations. For us, it all started in 1780, when a small mill, at the first turning of its millstone, began to produce oil and flour. This is where the dream took shape. Exploiting all the staples of Umbrian agriculture, such as cereals, olives and wine, we gradually created products that are famous for their quality and unfailing respect for the environment. When our grandfather moved to Giano dell’Umbria, he opened a new chapter and laid the foundations for the long-term development of our food & farming business.

All this passion has been handed down the generations and is now embodied in Pompeo and Roberto, at the head of table, inspired by the work of their respective fathers Lanfranco and Domenico. Around them, the younger members, Pompeo’s sons Giampaolo, Marco and daughter Cecilia.

In our family there are lots of personalities but a single distinguishing feature: a marked flair for combining the right flavours.

One grand vision

We have never stopped exploring the land to discover the myriad riches it offers us. This, and the fact that so many other farms and food businesses share the same dream, is why the family has enjoyed such growth.

We all work together on more and more land: from Umbria we expanded into other parts of Italy, and we’re now all over the world. But our imprint is always the same. Our work has borne fruit: our sales now top 120 million euros. In recent years we’ve realized other dreams: the construction of the new malting and brewery, the upgrading of the mill, new cellars and new vineyards.


Since 1780, the Farchioni family has selected raw materials and turned them into excellent products at a fair price. EVOO, Wine, Beer and Flour: the Farchioni products come from the heart of Umbria and are found all over the world. We control our supply chain and we value innovation, as well as environmental and social sustainability. Every day we try to enhance the value of good things.

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