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  • Promo -50% Olio extravergine farchioni biologico
    Farchioni I Biologici

    Organic 100% Italian

    7,9823,94 Vat Included
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced exclusively with organic olives. The fruits are grown and processed exclusively in Italy within 24 hours of harvesting to ensure maximum freshness and aroma.
  • Promo -20%

    Vintage Classic Tin Package 1L x 12

    57,40 Vat Included
    The Extra Virgin Oil is the protagonist in the most refined dishes. It enriches and enhances the aroma of the dishes, creating excellent harmonies of taste. The taste is slightly fruity and balanced. In vintage package.
  • Promo -30%

    100% Italian Tin Pack 3L x 4

    55,69 Vat Included
    The Extra Virgin Olive Oil that comes from the experience of the Farchioni Family. It is produced with olives grown in the best production areas and processed exclusively in Italy. The pleasantly intense taste is accompanied by an aroma of fresh fruit. In vintage packaging.