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    Terre de la Custodia


    8,4940,75 Vat Included
    Sparkling wine produced with the long Charmat method (nine months of aging on the lees) on Grechetto grape variety in the Umbrian hills. The full and fresh taste is accompanied by the aroma of fresh fruit and honey.
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    Terre de la Custodia

    Montefalco Grechetto

    7,3444,05 Vat Included
    From the calcareous soils of Montefalco in Umbria comes this golden yellow wine of good structure and remarkable crispness. The grapes selected by Cru Grechetto are harvested at dawn and cooled in the cellar.
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    Terre De La Custodia


    7,4922,47 Vat Included
    Red wine produced from the selection of Sangiovese, Merlot and Sagrantino grapes, cultivated in vineyards in the Umbrian hills. The full-bodied and soft taste is accompanied by the aroma of red fruits and sweet spices.