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  • olio extra vergine di oliva farchioni 100% italiano in bottiglia

    100% Italian – Pack of 6

    The Extra Virgin Olive Oil that comes from the experience of the Farchioni Family. It is produced with olives grown in the best production areas and processed exclusively in Italy. The pleasantly intense taste is accompanied by an aroma of fresh fruit.
  • Farchioni I Biologici

    Organic – Pack of 6

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced exclusively with organic olives. The fruits are carefully selected in the best cultivation areas with ethical and environmental certification. The taste is slightly fruity and balanced.
  • Farchioni

    Classic – Pack of 6

    The Extra Virgin Oil is the protagonist in the most refined dishes. It enriches and enhances the aroma of the dishes, creating excellent harmonies of taste. The slightly fruity aroma is accompanied by a balanced taste.
  • olio farchioni evo delicato

    Light Fruity

    The Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced with the cold pressing of olives at the right point of maturation. The light and harmonious aroma of fresh fruity accompanies the full taste with a pleasant bitter finish.
  • Farchioni


    The Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced with the pressing of olives at the beginning of ripening. The strong aroma and good intensity of fresh fruit accompanies the full taste and with a pleasant bitter finish.
  • Farchioni

    Olive Oil

    The oil consists of a rectified oil devoid of any smell and with "neutral" flavor and aroma, and an extra virgin olive oil "Fruity". The delicate aroma accompanies the sweet and slightly fruity taste.
  • Casolare Fruttato Intenso 100% Italiano
    Il Casolare

    IlCasolare Fruttato Intenso

    26,9451,19 Vat Included
    L'Olio Extravergine ottenuto da una varietà di olive italiane che hanno la caratteristica di lasciare inalterato nel tempo il profumo intenso, il colore verde scuro e il sapore decisamente fruttato.
  • Il Casolare

    IlCasolare Natural Raw – Pack of 6

    The unfiltered Extra Virgin Oil produced with olives that leave unchanged the color and the flavor of the oil over time. The balanced and slightly fruity taste enriches and enhances the characteristics of the dishes, creating excellent harmony of taste.

Olive Oil

The Farchioni Olive Oil has been chosen by many families for their meals. Our customers can select the variety of Olio Farchioni they prefer on our online platform: Farchioni Classico, Il Casolare Grezzo Naturale, Organic oils, PDO and Monocultivar lines. In 1-bottle or 6- bottle packs, they are just a click away and will be delivered to your home..
Because a good extra virgin olive oil must be for everyone.


Since 1780, the Farchioni family has selected raw materials and turned them into excellent products at a fair price. EVOO, Wine, Beer and Flour: the Farchioni products come from the heart of Umbria and are found all over the world. We control our supply chain and we value innovation, as well as environmental and social sustainability. Every day we try to enhance the value of good things.

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