Cookies are small pieces of data that websites send to your browser when you visit a web page. This may involve sending data between the website and your browser, and between your browser and other websites that operate on our behalf or privately, in accordance with the provisions of the respective Privacy Policy. We may use cookies to gather together the information we collect about you. You can decide to receive a warning every time a cookie is sent, or to disable all cookies by changing your browser’s settings. However, if you disable cookies, some of our services might not work correctly and you will not be able to access numerous functions designed to optimise your browsing experience on our website. For further information on managing or disabling browser cookies, please read the last section of this Cookie Policy.
We use various types of cookies, which have different functions.
We reserve the right to publish a periodically updated table indicating the types of cookies used and the information required to find out their specific purposes. Below is a short description of the main types of cookies that can technically be used. To provide you with all the useful information we can about cookies and how they are used, even only potentially, and to find out how to modify the settings on your browser regarding the use of cookies, please read the detailed description below.

We must first emphasise that the duration of cookies installed may be limited to the navigation session or prolonged even after the user has left the site. We privilege the use of session cookies (which are not stored permanently on the user’s computer and disappear when the browser is closed), which allows the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server), which are necessary to allow users to browse the website safely and efficiently. The session cookies used on this website avoid the need to use other computing techniques that could potentially compromise the privacy of users’ browsing and do not allow the user’s personal identification information to be gathered.

These cookies are essential for browsing the website and using certain functions. Without these strictly necessary cookies, the online services normally offered by the website may not be accessible if provision of the services is based exclusively on cookies of this type. In fact, cookies of this type allow users to browse website pages efficiently and use the various options and services available. For example, they make it possible to identify a session, access reserved areas, memorize elements of a request that was made previously, finalise a purchase order and memorise a quote.
It is not necessary to give consent for technical cookies, as they are indispensable for ensuring you get the services you requested. It is possible to block or delete technical cookies by altering the option settings of your browser. However, if you do this, you may not be able to access certain areas of the website or use certain of the services offered.
For further information, please refer to the website’s Privacy Policy.

We or suppliers of services who work on our behalf may send analytics cookies to your browser. The information gathered by analytics cookies is used exclusively by us or in our interest.
Analytics cookies gather anonymous information about how users use the website and its various functions. For example, our analytics cookies gather information about the website pages you visit most often and about our advertising that appears on other websites you use, as well as checking if you open and read notices we send you and if you receive error messages. The information gathered may be used to customise your online experience by showing you specific content. Analytics cookies also help to restrict the number of times the same advert is displayed. Our analytics cookies do not gather personal information.
A link to our Cookie Policy is available on the website. By continuing to use this website and its functions, you authorise us (and advertisers external to this website) to send analytics cookies to your browser.
To delete or manage analytics cookies, please read the last section of this Cookie Policy.
In particular, the website uses Google Analytics, which is a Google analysis tool that helps website and app owners to understand how visitors interact with the content they own. A set of cookies may be used to gather information and generate website usage statistics, without Google personally identifying individual users. Besides generating website usage statistics reports, Google Analytics’ tag pixel may be used, together with advertising cookies as mentioned above, to allow us to show you the most relevant results in Google (such as Google Search) and across the web.
For further information, please see this site

We reserve the right for us (or service providers working on our behalf) to send profiling cookies to your browser to memorise choices made (language, country or other online setting preferences) and provide the customised or optimised functions that we presume may be preferred by users or memorize users’ habits and preferences expressed during navigation. Profiling cookies may be used to offer you online services, send you advertising geared to your interests or stop you being offered services that you have turned down in the past.
We also inform you that it is technically possible to authorise advertisers or third parties to provide content and other online experiences through this website. In this case, the 3rd party involved may send its own profiling cookies to your browser and use them, as we do, to provide you with customised functions and optimise your experience of using the website. By selecting customised options and settings or functions optimised on the basis of preferences you have shown, you authorise us to use the profiling cookies required to offer you these experiences.
If you delete profiling cookies, the preferences or settings you have chosen will not be stored for future visits.
If 3rd party cookies are used, we reserve the right to indicate detailed links to the privacy policies such third parties provide.
The website may use a 3rd party remarketing tool. In this case, certain pages of the website may include a so-called “remarketing code”. This code allows browser cookies to be read and configured in order to determine what kind of announcement will be displayed, based on information relating to your visit to the website, such as, for example, the browsing route chosen, the pages you actually visit or what you have done on those pages.
The remarketing lists thus created are held in a Google server database holding all the cookie IDs associated with each list or category of interests. The information thus obtained allows only the browser to be identified and does not enable 3rd parties to identify users.
These tools allow customised adverts to be provided on the basis of users’ visits to our website.
Authorisation to collect and store information may be withdrawn at any time. Users can disable the use of cookies by Google by altering the specific setting options on browsers.
The remarketing tools that we may use are as follows:

For further information about Google Remarketing, you can visit the page For further information about Google’s Privacy and Terms policy, you can visit the page

For further information about Microsoft Remarketing, you can visit the page For further information about Microsoft’s Privacy and Terms policy, you can visit the page

For further information about Facebook Remarketing, you can visit the page

We reserve the right to analyse the online activities of visitors registered with our website and online services using cookies and other tracking technologies. If you have chosen to receive messages from us, we may use cookies and other tracking technologies to customise future messages depending on your interests.
Furthermore, we reserve the right to use cookies or other tracking technologies in messages that you receive from us (for example, to find out if they have been read or opened or to discover what content you have interacted with and what links you have opened). This is to ensure that future messages reflect your interests even more. If you do not wish to receive targeted messages, you can click on the unsubscribe link that you will find in our messages to cancel your membership, or access your account to withdraw consent to messages being sent for marketing purposes.
If you no longer wish to receive customised advertising messages based on your online activity on this and other websites, please follow the instructions above (for targeted advertising).

There are various ways to manage cookies and other tracking technologies. You can accept or refuse cookies by altering your browser’s settings, or decide to receive a warning message before accepting a cookie from the websites you have visited. We must remind you that if you completely disable cookies in your browser, you may not be able to use all our interactive functions.
If you use several computers in different places, make sure that each browser is set to your preferences.
You can cancel all cookies stored in the cookies folder of your browser. Each browser manages settings in different ways. Click on one of the links below for specific instructions.

If you do not use any of the browsers mentioned above, choose “cookies” in the relative section of the guide to find out where your cookies folder is.

Click on the link below to alter your Flash cookies settings.
Disabling Flash cookies

Besides being able to use browser tools to enable or disable individual cookies, you can visit the website, which contains a list of the main providers who work with webmasters to gather and use information for behavioural advertising.
Given that 3rd party profiling cookies may sooner or later be installed in your browser, you can easily keep this under check and decide whether or not to accept them by accessing the website
You can disable or enable all the companies, or alternatively choose your preferences for each company individually. To do this, you can use the tool you’ll find on this page – – which makes it easy to check your behavioural advertising preferences.

You can find further useful information about cookies on these websites:;