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  • Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Scatola 6 Bicchieri

    Set di 6 eleganti bicchieri in vetro con logo Mastri Birrai Umbri. Per tutti gli amanti della birra che meritano un bicchiere all'altezza del suo contenuto e che non intendono rinunciare, neanche a casa, allo stile inconfondibile dei sapienti artigiani umbri.
  • Farchioni_Bicchieri_MonkeyFarchioni_Bicchieri_Monkey
    Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Box of 6 Monkey Line Glasses

    16,78 Vat Included

    Set of 6 glasses 0.30 cl, in glass, with Monkey Agribeer Revolution logo. For all beer lovers who deserve a glass at the height of its content and who do not intend to give up, even at home, the unmistakable style of the skilled Umbrian artisans.

  • Farchioni_Cavatappi_GDO_MagneticoFarchioni_Cavatappi_Silver
    Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Bottle Opener Customized

    Nice bottle opener in the shape of a bottle, signed Mastri Birrai Umbri. The comfortable tie allows you to carry it easily so you never miss the opportunity to uncork and share the pleasure of the products branded Mastri Birrai Umbri.
  • Coppola_Kakh
    Mastri Birrai Umbri


    The cotton hat signed Mastri Birrai Umbri combines the predilection for beer to a truly casual style. Able to match male and female tastes and suitable for all seasons.
  • Farchioni_Cavatappi_GDO_Magnetico
    Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Magnet Bottle Opener

    Round and metal magnet, with practical bottle opener on the back and Mastri Birrai Umbri logo printed on the front. It can be hung on the fridge at home to have it always at hand when needed.
  • Maglietta_Monkey_Bianca
    Mastri Birrai Umbri

    T-Shirt Unisex Monkey-Style

    from14,98 Vat IncludedS
    La t-shirt Monkey Style, in cotone 100% organico, è il capo che ogni vero intenditore di birra dovrebbe avere nel proprio guardaroba, per provare ogni giorno il piacere di indossare la propria passione.
  • Mastri Birrai Umbri


    0,78 Vat Included
    Nice wooden pencils signed by Mastri Birrai Umbri. You can choose the external color from three colors: yellow, black and wood. To pin down the most important reminders. An example: buy the beers Mastri Birrai Umbri.
  • Farchioni_Braccialetto_MBU
    Mastri Birrai Umbri


    The rubber bracelet signed Mastri Birrai Umbri born when the cult of beer turns into a fashion accessory. It may not shine like a diamond, but it will certainly make the heart beat for all the true fans of barley malt.
  • Giochi_da_tavola_MonkeyGiochi_da_tavola_Monkey
    Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Monkey board game

    Monkey board game
  • Asciugamano_tavolo_MBU
    Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Mastri Birrai Umbri Bar Towel

    Bar Towel Mastri Birrai Umbri
  • Boccale_MBU_1lFarchioni_Boccale_MBU_1l
    Mastri Birrai Umbri

    Mug Mastri Birrai Umbri Lt. 1

    Mug Mastri Birrai Umbri Lt. 1
  • Mastri Birrai Umbri


    7,98 Vat Included
    White carrying backpack, with cords of the same color and logo Mastri Birrai Umbri printed on the front. Simplicity, lightness and practicality in a single product.